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No Hands Proxies Update History

Below is a rundown of the updates that have been released for No Hands Proxies. We aim to keep this up to date with all of the latest updates but due to time constraints it may be missing some of the more recent updates:

No Hands Proxies v1.19.0. - 03/02/2017

* Fixed: Proxy quantity limiter for quality
* Added: A number of proxy sources
* Fixed: A number of proxy sources
* Removed: Some non-working proxy sources

No Hands Proxies v1.18.0. - 27/05/2016

* Improved: Output Proxies by email to support implicit SSL

No Hands Proxies v1.17.0. - 11/04/2016

* Improved: Proxy Judge updated
* Improved: User Agent updated

No Hands Proxies v1.16.0. - 10/11/2015

* Improved: Proxy anonymity classification accuracy
* Improved: Web access speed

No Hands Proxies v1.15.15. - 01/06/2016

* Improved: Updated User Agent List
* Improved: Proxy scraping
* Improved: Proxy testing

No Hands Proxies v1.15.14. - 07/05/2015

* Fixed: Login System

No Hands Proxies v1.15.11. - 24/03/2015

* Updated: User Agent List
* Improved: Yahoo proxy checking accuracy
* Fixed: Minimum Anonymity Filtering at time of checking

No Hands Proxies v1.15.10. - 05/02/2015

* Improved: Method of finding Google proxies
* Improved: Checking proxies

No Hands Proxies v1.15.9. - 10/01/2015

* Improved: Google Proxy harvesting ability
* Improved: No Hands SEO automated setup
* Improved: Pre-set options
* Improved: Yahoo searching for new sources

No Hands Proxies v1.15.8. - 13/12/2014

* Added: Option to clear awaiting proxies
* Added: New proxy sources

No Hands Proxies v1.15.7. - 08/12/2014

* Improved: Proxy setting from within software
* Improved: Proxy removal from within software

No Hands Proxies v1.15.6. - 04/12/2014

* Added: New fresh sources downloaded on every restart to keep sources list fresh and unique
* Improved: Proxy checking
* Improved: Google ability not re-checked as often as working re-check to preserve ability to search on Google
* Improved: Number of search engine passed proxies

No Hands Proxies v1.15.5. - 21/11/2014

* Improved: Proxy output presets
* Improved: No Hands SEO Integration

No Hands Proxies v1.15.4. - 15/11/2014

* Improved: Proxy Scraping on some sites that obscure

No Hands Proxies v1.15.3. - 15/11/2014

* Added: Many fresh proxy sources
* Improved: Proxy Scraping

No Hands Proxies v1.15.2. - 07/11/2014

* Improved: Proxy Source List
* Improved: Proxy checking system
* Fixed: Login issue

No Hands Proxies v1.15.1. - 11/10/2014

* FIxed: Proxy Source bug

No Hands Proxies v1.15.0. - 11/10/2014

* Improved: Better multiple connection handling
* Improved: Better web request handling code
* Improved: Login system moved to a new server
* Improved: Updated proxy source list

No Hands Proxies v1.14.0. - 30/09/2014

* Added: Simpler setup for use with popular tools and for common uses
* Added: Better thread closing for improved proxy harvesting and proxy checking
* Improved: Proxy Checking
* Improved: Hidden settings behind an unlock button to try and dissuade users from making unnecessary changes to settings

No Hands Proxies v1.12.12. - 18/09/2014

* Improved: Login systems for trial and portable versions

No Hands Proxies v1.12.11. - 18/09/2014

* Improved: Some GUI controls layout

No Hands Proxies v1.12.10. - 12/09/2014

* Added: Support for more sites that obfuscate their proxies
* Updated Proxy List

No Hands Proxies v1.12.9. - 19/08/2014

* Improved: proxy outputting
* Updated: Proxy Source List

No Hands Proxies v1.12.8. - 10/08/2014

* Improved: Output proxy code to handle errors more elgantly

No Hands Proxies v1.12.7. - 02/08/2014

* Improved: Auto proxy setting functions

No Hands Proxies v1.12.6. - 01/08/2014

* Added: Option to only harvest from proxy source list (no use of search engines)
* Added: Option to harvest proxies from source list every X minutes
* Added: Support for loading proxies from a file (simply enter in full file address in proxy source list)

No Hands Proxies v1.12.5. - 04/07/2014

* Improved: Extended the maximum length of all text inputs

No Hands Proxies v1.12.4. - 16/06/2014

* Improved: Proxy source searching

No Hands Proxies v1.12.3. - 12/06/2014

* Improved: CPU stats label
* Improved: Mem stats label
* Improved: Threads info label
* Improved: Progress bar moves more slowly
* Other code improvements

No Hands Proxies v1.12.2. - 11/05/2014

* Fixed: bug in saving file type of output option

No Hands Proxies v1.12.1. - 10/05/2014

* Fixed: Outputting Website Checked proxies

No Hands Proxies v1.12.0. - 09/05/2014

* Added: Huge overhaul to Proxy Output Options

No Hands Proxies v1.11.5. - 21/04/2014

* Added: Bandwidth indicator as status label

No Hands Proxies v1.11.4. - 17/04/2014

* Added: Minimise on Startup Option
* Added: Auto Start on Load Option
* Improved: Removed duplicate notification icon in system tray
* Improved: Notification icon text when minimising and hotkey switching proxies

No Hands Proxies v1.11.3. - 15/04/2014

* Added: Editable Subject for output to email options

No Hands Proxies v1.11.2. - 01/04/2014

* Updated: Proxy Source list
* Fixed: bug in random proxy application when proxy type Anonymous was chosen

No Hands Proxies v1.11.1. - 01/04/2014

* Added: Notification bubble for when proxy is changed with hotkey
* Updated: Proxy list updated again for better results

No Hands Proxies v1.11.0. - 31/03/2014

* Added: Hotkey combination to automatically change Windows Proxy (CTRL + ALT + P)
* Added: Anonymity option for random proxy application
* Added: Option to have random proxy need to pass website check or not
* Added: Options to have random proxy be chosen at random, by fastest (lowest latency) or most recently checked.

No Hands Proxies v1.10.0. - 27/03/2014

* Added: Option to set a random proxy at specified time intervals
* Added: Add proxies from file option
* Added: Add proxies from clipboard option
* Added: Set Random proxy as Windows Proxy
* Added: Option to remove windows proxy on exit

No Hands Proxies v1.9.5. - 24/03/2014

* Improved: Proxy number accuracy
* Improved: Handling of proxies

No Hands Proxies v1.9.4. - 22/03/2014

* Added: Minimise to system tray option

No Hands Proxies v1.9.3. - 21/03/2014

* Fixed: Region checking bug

No Hands Proxies v1.9.2. - 20/03/2014

* Improved: Closing app now waits for all threads to finish before fully closing
* Fixed: Bug in checking region

No Hands Proxies v1.9.1. - 18/03/2014

* Improved: Debug button outputs quicker now
* Fixed: Port whitelist over-ruling region black list bug

No Hands Proxies v1.9.0. - 17/03/2014

* Added: Huge improvement to proxy scraping
* Added: Ability to double click a proxy source to have it open in default web browser

No Hands Proxies v1.8.0. - 15/03/2014

* Added: Initial source usage tweaked
* Added: Origin of proxy added to working proxies listview
* Improved: Proxy harvesting speed
* Improved: Proxy checker speed
* Updated: Proxy source list again

No Hands Proxies v1.7.7. - 10/03/2014

* Added: Ability to email multiple users in the output options, just separate with a comma

No Hands Proxies v1.7.6. - 09/03/2014

* Added: Baidu check to built in lists
* Added: Duplicate checking to manually imported proxy lists

No Hands Proxies v1.7.5. - 07/03/2014

* Improved: Proxies listview sorting
* Improved: Proxies listview flickering
* Improved: List resetting

No Hands Proxies v1.7.4. - 01/03/2014

* Fixed: Bug in region blacklisting

No Hands Proxies v1.7.3. - 01/03/2014

* Added: SSL connections for email output

No Hands Proxies v1.7.2. - 28/02/2014

* Improved: Initial Proxy Source list is now scheduled to be scraped after every soft restart
* Fixed: Bug in region checking

No Hands Proxies v1.7.1. - 27/02/2014

* Added: New Proxy Sources
* Added: Support for more proxy sources hidden behind javascript
* Added: Support for more proxy sources hidden in html
* Added: Support for more proxy sources hidden behind POST requests
* Added: More Debugging routines
* Improved: Threading code
* Fixed: small bugs in proxy checking

No Hands Proxies v1.7.0. - 26/02/2014

* Added: Javascript Proxy scraping methods
* Added: Added new Proxy Scraping targets
* Added: More debug info
* Added: Force Restart button (do not use this unless instructed to do so)
* Improved: Running speed
* Improved: Number of proxies found from a search increased
* Removed: Non-working Proxy scraping targets

No Hands Proxies v1.6.7. - 24/02/2014

* Improved: Working proxy list only updates when appropriate
* Improved: More changes to the way new proxies are added
* Fixed: Bug in job queueing

No Hands Proxies v1.6.6. - 24/02/2014

* Improved: Proxy adding code speed increase
* Improved: Trial checks to prevent trial running out too soon

No Hands Proxies v1.6.5. - 23/02/2014

* Updated: Staggered proxy entering for lower CPU usage
* Improved: Fixed small bug

No Hands Proxies v1.6.4. - 22/02/2014

* Improved: Web request code
* Improved: Thread stopping speed improved massively
* Improved: Memory usage down
* Improved: CPU usage down
* Improved: Thread handling
* Improved: Proxy saving code

No Hands Proxies v1.6.1. - 18/02/2014

* Fixed: Bug when logging in to trial version for some users

No Hands Proxies v1.6.0. - 16/02/2014

* Improved: Hugely improved the way the working proxy list updates
* Removed: Pause Updates button for working proxy list as it is no longer necessary
* Improved: Proxy Checking
* Improved: Maintaining proxy list size
* Improved: Handling of errors
* Improved: Trial feature

No Hands Proxies v1.5.2. - 15/02/2014

* Added: Dupe website option for checking proxies against
* Added: Remove website option for checking proxies against list
* Added: Reddit to Check Against Website List
* Improved: Rechecking of proxies option

No Hands Proxies v1.5.1. - 13/02/2014

* Improved: Proxy Testing and page download code

No Hands Proxies v1.5.0. - 10/02/2014

* Added: Custom Website Checking
* Improved: Re-checking and proxy clearing code
* Improved: Database structure
* Improved: Saving and loading to and from the database

No Hands Proxies v1.4.0. - 09/02/2014

* Added: Thread active state information to debug button
* Improved: General running of software
* Improved: Added redundacy to harvesting and checking threads
* Fixed: Small bug in website checking code threading code

No Hands Proxies v1.3.3. - 06/02/2014

* Fixed: Bug preventing re-entering of login details on failed login

No Hands Proxies v1.3.2. - 06/02/2014

* Added: More information to debug button
* Improved: Proxy scraping accuracy
* Improved: Proxy adding code
* Fixed: Bug that could block work threads

No Hands Proxies v1.3.1. - 05/02/2014

* Added: Debug button to Settings tab
* Improved: Log item handling
* Improved: CPU usage lowered
* Improved: Proxy clearing code
* Improved: Harvesting more proxies per run

No Hands Proxies v1.3.0. - 05/02/2014

* Added: Rechecking of previously working proxies
* Added: Rescraping of previously scraped webpages

No Hands Proxies v1.2.0. - 04/02/2014

* Improved: Page request code
* Improved: CPU usage down 50-80%

No Hands Proxies v1.1.5. - 02/02/2014

* Improved: Proxy Dupe Checking
* Improved: Increased size of Website Check List
* Improved: Proxy testing methods
* Improved: Dead proxy clearing

No Hands Proxies v1.1.4. - 30/01/2014

* Added: Remove Windows Proxy button
* Added: checking
* Added: Google Accounts checker
* Added: checker
* Added: Twitter checker
* Added: Tumblr checker
* Fixed: Output proxies to clipboard error

No Hands Proxies v1.1.3. - 29/01/2014

* Fixed: bug in saved proxies not showing in proxy list

No Hands Proxies v1.1.2. - 28/01/2014

* Improved: Log item handling
* Fixed: Crashing bug

No Hands Proxies v1.1.1. - 27/01/2014

* Added: Option to Re-check proxies from working proxies list
* Improved: Error checking in threading code

No Hands Proxies v1.1.0. - 24/01/2014

* Added: Output Proxy options from working proxy list
* Added: Set Windows proxy directly from working proxy list
* Added: Select options to working proxy list
* Added: Invert selections on working proxy list
* Added: Save Working proxies on exit
* Added: Test for Max threads settings checker
* Added: Add sources to initial proxy source option
* Improved: Proxy checking speed and accuracy
* Improved: Saving working proxy stability
* Improved: Error checking and bug handling code

No Hands Proxies v1.0.0. - 10/08/2014

First version released

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